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Masonry Sealers and Cleaners for
Stone, Concrete and Brick

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AWR-2 Surface Laquer Sealer

Amteco Cure and Seal

A water clear 100% acrylic solution surface lacquer sealer for exterior and interior use on concrete, masonry, and aggregate surfaces. The resin has superior ultra violet light resistance and does not yellow on exterior exposures. It is specifically designed for ease of maintenance due the ability to redissolve into itself when recoating after aging. The film has superior resistance to traffic and most water and oil based common chemicals. Properly sealed surfaces have excellent food stain resistance. Available in gloss only.

More information on Cure and Seal

Cure and Seal
$45.00 - 1 Gallon
$210.00 - 5 Gallon


Silox-Seal masonry water repellent

Amteco Silox-Seal

Silox-Seal is a silane/siloxane water-based high performance penetrative masonry water repellent.

Silox-Seal is used to protect concrete structures like bridges, parking garages, airport pavements, and industrial plants.

More information on Amteco Silox-Seal

Amteco Silox-Seal:
$ 42.00- 1 Gallon
$ 0.00- 5 Gallon
5 Gallon Concentrate $ 718.00
Makes 25 Gallons!! NEW


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